List of The Best Finishers In Cricket

List of The Best Finishers In Cricket: 10 Outstanding Players

Cricket is an exciting sport full of strategy and suspense, where matches often come down to the wire. Finishing the game is crucial in cricket, separating the good players from the great ones. From tense final overs to thrilling chase sequences, the best finishers in cricket have left their mark on the game’s history.

In this blog, we’re going to find cricket’s top finishers. These players have a unique ability to deal with pressure and win when it matters most. Who’s the best finisher in cricket? Which batsman has the expertise and style to complete games with artfulness? These inquiries flash discussions among cricket fans around the world.

We’ll look at the statistics, stories, and magical moments that make up the best finishers in cricket. We will discover what makes these individuals stand out amid intense competition, from legendary players to rising stars.

Prepare to explore the techniques, mental durability, and pure ability that characterize cricket’s world-class finishers. Whether it’s the strong hits of a T20-trained professional, the strong determination of a Test match legend, or the forceful play of an ODI master, each configuration has a gathering of players who succeed under tension.

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Join the discussion, share your considerations, and remember the extraordinary minutes that characterize cricket’s extraordinary completions. From vital innings to exciting pursuits, we’ll praise getting through the tradition of cricket’s best closers. Thus, get your cricket bat, prepare, and figure out who remains as cricket’s ideal finisher.

What Do You Mean By The Best Finisher?

In cricket, the “best finisher” is a good player at winning games, especially when the pressure is on near the end. These players have specific qualities:

  1. Keeping Calm: They stay cool and make smart decisions even when the game gets intense.
  2. Skillful Batting: They can hit the ball well for scoring boundaries or taking quick runs.
  3. Adapting to Situations: They change their strategy based on what the game needs, knowing when to attack and when to be careful.
  4. Knowing the Game: They understand the game deeply, knowing how fast they need to score, where to place fielders and the strengths and weaknesses of opponents.
  5. Being Reliable: They perform well consistently in essential moments, gaining a reputation for being trustworthy.

The best finisher in cricket is the player who can step up when the game is on the line, helping their team win and significantly impacting the outcome.

List Of The Best Finishers In Cricket

Here’s a list of top finishers in cricket, along with their strike rates in T20 and ODI formats:

No.PlayerTeamT20 Strike RateODI Strike Rate
1MS DhoniIndia87.56126.13
2Shahid AfridiPakistan150117
3Jos ButtlerEngland144.66117.75
4AB de VilliersSouth Africa135.16101.09
5Glenn MaxwellAustralia150.97123.65
6Michael BevanAustralia74.16
7Vivian RichardsWest Indies90.20
8Michael HusseyAustralia136.2987.16
9Lance KlusenerSouth Africa89.9167.01
10Javed MiandadPakistan67.01

1. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni
Image source- Cricwindow
National SideIndia
Test Debut2 December 2005 against Sri Lanka
ODI Debut23 December 2004 against Bangladesh
NicknameCaptain Cool, Mahi, Thala (The Finisher)

MS Dhoni, referred to warmly as “Captain Cool” and “Mahi,” is a legendary figure in Indian cricket. His calm and smart leadership has made him an excellent example for cricketers all over the world. Dhoni’s expertise as a wicketkeeper-batsman procured him the nickname “The Finisher” for his capacity to direct India to win in close matches.

His leadership led India to essential wins, remembering the ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 and the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011. Dhoni’s fast stumpings and calmness under tension put him aside. He is admired for his clever game plans and strategic thinking.

Dhoni’s legacy as one of India’s best captains and finishers is profoundly regarded by fans all over the place, leaving an enduring effect on cricket’s history.

2. Shahid Afridi

 Shahid Afridi
Image source- Stat Sensei
National SidePakistan
Test Debut22 October 1998 against Australia
ODI Debut2 October 1996 against Kenya
Nickname“Boom Boom” Afridi

Shahid Afridi, known as “Boom Boom” Afridi, is a cricket sensation famous for his explosive batting and impactful bowling. He became a fan favorite worldwide with his aggressive style of play from a young age. Afridi holds the record for the fastest century in ODI cricket, scoring in just 37 balls. His powerful hitting and audacious strokeplay often change the course of matches for Pakistan.

Afridi isn’t just a big hitter; his leg-spin bowling also plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s victories. He’s known for taking key wickets at crucial times, breaking partnerships, and shifting momentum in his team’s favor. Afridi’s dynamic presence and ability to perform under pressure have made him a legend in cricket. He electrifies crowds with his explosive batting and bamboozles batsmen with his tricky bowling, leaving a lasting impact on the sport’s history.

3. Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler
Image source- Pinterest
National SideEngland
Test Debut27 July 2014 against India
ODI Debut21 February 2012 against Pakistan
NicknameThe Finisher

Jos Buttler, known as “The Finisher,” is an English cricketer famous for his explosive batting and dynamic wicketkeeping. Born on September 8, 1990, in Taunton, England, Buttler quickly rose to prominence with his remarkable talent across all formats of the game.

Renowned for his ability to finish matches with style, Buttler has changed the way modern-day finishers play cricket. His fearless strokeplay and calmness under pressure make him a crucial player for the English team.

Buttler’s aggressive batting style has impressed in both Test and limited-overs cricket. He holds England’s fastest ODI century record, scored in just 46 balls against Pakistan in 2015. His knack for orchestrating thrilling run chases, marked by breathtaking boundaries and calculated risks, has won him fans worldwide.

In T20 leagues worldwide, Buttler’s explosive performances have cemented his status as one of cricket’s best finishers. His ability to adapt to different situations makes him invaluable to England as they aim for success internationally.

4. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers
Image source- Mens Team | IPLT20
PositionBatsman, Wicketkeeper
National SideSouth Africa
Test Debut17 December 2004 against England
ODI Debut2 February 2005 against England
NicknameMr. 360, The Superman of Cricket

AB de Villiers, also known as Mr. 360, is a cricket superstar from South Africa who has made a huge impact on the game. He’s admired for his amazing batting skills, incredible athleticism, and his ability to play well in any cricket format.

De Villiers is famous for finishing matches in style, earning the nickname “the finisher” for his knack of steering his team to victory in close games. His adaptability and dominance over bowling attacks make him a feared opponent.

In Test cricket, De Villiers has shown elegance and resilience, scoring memorable centuries against tough bowling line-ups. In One-Day Internationals (ODIs), he’s known for his ability to score quickly and change the game’s momentum with his aggressive batting.

With his stellar performances and numerous awards, AB de Villiers is a symbol of cricketing excellence and is loved by fans worldwide.

5. Glenn Maxwell

 Glenn Maxwell
Image source- myKhel
National SideAustralia
Test DebutAugust 2013
ODI DebutAugust 2012
NicknameThe Big Show

Glenn Maxwell, also known as “The Big Show,” is an exciting all-rounder from Australia known for his fearless batting and useful off-spin bowling. He’s famous for his ability to hit boundaries effortlessly and play innovative shots.

Maxwell shines as a finisher, often changing the game’s course with his aggressive batting in the final overs. His high strike rates in both T20 and ODI cricket show his skill in scoring quick runs when needed.

Not just a batsman, Maxwell’s off-spin bowling adds depth to Australia’s bowling attack, often taking important wickets. He’s also an outstanding fielder, contributing to all aspects of the game.

In T20 leaguesworldwide, Maxwell is a sought-after player for his bold batting and ability to handle pressure. Whether he’s smashing sixes or taking wickets, Maxwell always brings excitement to cricket fans around the globe.

6. Michael Bevan

Michael Bevan
Image source-
PositionLeft-handed batsman, occasional left-arm wrist-spin bowler
National SideAustralia
Test Debut1 January 1994 against Pakistan
ODI Debut25 March 1994 against Sri Lanka
NicknameThe Finisher

Michael Bevan, known as “The Finisher,” was a central member of the Australian cricket crew during the 1990s and mid-2000s. He acquired his moniker for his mind-blowing capacity to win matches from tough spots. Bevan’s tranquility and heavenly batting abilities made him remarkable in One-Day Internationals.

He had an ability to pace his innings and make vital runs under tension, particularly in run pursues. A champion second was in the 2003 Cricket World Cup semi-last against Britain, where he assumed a fundamental part in Australia’s success.

Bevan was more than a cricketer; he additionally bowled left-arm wrist-turn, adding profundity to the Australian group. He was valuable for his ability to control the game and outwit opponents.

All through his vocation, Bevan vitalized numerous with his completing abilities and commitment to greatness, leaving an enduring effect on Australian cricket.

7. Vivian Richards

 Vivian Richards
Image source- ESPNcricinfo
National SideWest Indies
Test DebutNovember 22, 1974
ODI DebutJune 7, 1975
NicknameMaster Blaster, Smokin’ Joe

Vivian Richards, known as the “Master Blaster,” was a cricketing powerhouse in the 1970s and 1980s. His aggressive style and flamboyant strokeplay earned him legendary status. Richards played a pivotal role in the dominant West Indies team of his era.

On the field, Richards was a force to be reckoned with. His unorthodox batting technique allowed him to dispatch balls to the boundary effortlessly. With thunderous drives, ferocious pulls, and towering sixes, he intimidated opposition bowlers and left fans in awe.

Richards had a remarkable ability to read the game and adapt his batting style accordingly. Whether facing pace or spin, he could change the game’s course single-handedly. His charisma and flair inspired generations of cricketers, making him one of cricket’s greatest batsmen and finishers. His legacy continues to influence the sport to this day.

8. Michael Hussey

Michael Hussey
Image source- ESPNcricinfo
PositionLeft-handed batsman
National SideAustralia
Test Debut3 November 2005
ODI Debut1 February 2004
NicknameMr. Cricket

Michael Hussey, known as “Mr. Cricket,” is admired for his resilience and reliability in the game. Despite debuting late in Test cricket, he became a linchpin of Australia’s middle order. His ability to accelerate innings and guide Australia to victory in crucial moments made him stand out in ODIs.

Hussey’s calm demeanor and unorthodox shot selection were key to his success as a finisher. He excelled in both long and short formats, navigating tough run chases and building partnerships with impeccable timing and skill.

Throughout his career, Hussey’s contributions were vital to Australia’s success. His ability to handle pressure and perform when it mattered most earned him respect worldwide. Hussey’s legacy as one of cricket’s best finishers continues to inspire players today, leaving a lasting impact on the sport’s history.

9. Lance Klusener

 Lance Klusener
Image source- CricHQ
National SideSouth Africa
Test DebutNovember 14, 1996
ODI DebutJanuary 9, 1996
Nickname“The Finisher”

Lance Klusener, known as “The Finisher,” left an enduring effect on cricket with his dangerous batting and helpful medium-quick bowling. He became a key figure in South African cricket in the late 1990s and early 2000s, appreciation for his aggressive style of play.

Klusener acquired his moniker for his capacity to complete games with strong hitting down the request. His daring methodology and rankling strike rate made him a bad dream for bowlers in Tests and ODIs. He played critical innings, protecting his group from predicaments and directing them to triumph.

One of his champion exhibitions was during the 1999 Cricket World Cup, where he was the Player of the Competition in spite of South Africa’s misfortune in the semi-finals. Klusener became a worldwide favorite among fans due to his ability to perform under pressure and his never-say-die attitude.

Klusener remained a true match-winner throughout his career, demonstrating resilience and determination on the field. His inheritance as one of cricket’s best finishers keeps on motivating players today.

10. Javed Miandad

 Javed Miandad
Image source- Parhlo
National SidePakistan
Test DebutOctober 9, 1976
ODI DebutJune 11, 1975
Nickname“The Finisher”

Javed Miandad, known as “The Finisher,” was a Pakistani cricket legend celebrated for his heavenly batting and nerve-wracking wraps up. He assumed an essential part in Pakistan’s batting setup all through his vocation.

Miandad’s capacity to secure the innings and speed up when required made him a significant resource for his group. In pressure circumstances, his self-restraint and strategic knowledge were outstanding. With his varied strokeplay and expertise in the game of cricket, he frequently led Pakistan to victory.

One of his most popular minutes was in the 1986 Austral-Asia Cup last against India, where he hit a last-ball six to dominate the game decisively. This second featured Miandad’s standing as an expert in tense circumstances.

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Throughout his career, Miandad’s remarkable performances under pressure inspired generations of players. His legacy as cricket’s most well-known finisher remains a demonstration of his expertise, constancy, and steady soul on the field.

Criteria Of The Best Finisher 

The criteria for determining the best finisher in cricket revolve around several key attributes and performance metrics:

1. Success Rate in Match-winning Situations

A top finisher is someone who consistently performs well in pressure situations and helps their team win matches, especially in tight finishes or run chases.

2. Strike Rat

A high strike rate indicates a player’s ability to score quickly and effectively, which is crucial in finishing games, particularly in limited-overs formats like T20 and One-Day Internationals.

3. Average in Chases

The average batting performance of a player during successful run chases provides insight into their ability to finish games and contribute to their team’s victory consistently.

4. Ability to Accelerate

The capability to accelerate the scoring rate towards the end of innings or chase is essential for a finisher, as it puts pressure on the opposition and increases the likelihood of victory.

5. Boundary-hitting Ability

A successful finisher should have the skill to hit boundaries regularly, as it helps in quickly accumulating runs and turning the game in their team’s favor.

6. Coolness Under Pressure

Maintaining composure and making calculated decisions in high-pressure situations is a hallmark of a great finisher, as it allows them to perform effectively when the stakes are high.

7. Adaptability to Different Match Scenarios

A versatile finisher can adapt their batting approach based on the match situation, whether it requires aggressive stroke play or intelligent manipulation of the field.

8. Consistency

Consistent performance over some time is crucial for establishing oneself as a top finisher, demonstrating reliability and dependability in crunch moments.

By evaluating players based on these criteria, cricket enthusiasts and experts can identify and acknowledge the best finishers in the game whose contributions significantly impact the outcomes of matches.

Why Is Dhoni Considered As The Best Finisher In Cricket History?

MS Dhoni is considered one of the best finishers in cricket history due to several key reasons:

1. Exceptional Calmness under Pressure

Dhoni’s quiet disposition in high-pressure circumstances is unbelievable. He has a unique capacity to remain created and pursue determined choices even in the most tense snapshots of a match.

2. Clinical Execution of Finishing Strokes

Dhoni is known for his clinical execution of completing strokes, especially in restricted overs cricket. His capacity to peruse the game and time his innings impeccably permits him to speed up when required and guide his group to triumph.

3. Innovative Batting Technique

Dhoni has an interesting batting method, as portrayed by his helicopter shots and unpredictable stroke play. He stands out as a finisher because he can come up with new ideas and adapt to different match situations.

4. Record of Match-Winning Innings

Dhoni has a considerable rundown of the game-dominating innings in his possession, where he has, without any help, directed India to triumph in urgent matches. His capacity to complete games reliably has procured him the standing of being the most solid finisher in cricket history.

5. Leadership and Captaincy Skills

Dhoni is an excellent finisher because of his leadership and captaincy skills. He drove the Indian cricket crew to various vital victories, including the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup and the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

6. Versatility Across Formats

Dhoni’s completing ability isn’t restricted to one organization of the game. He has demonstrated his adaptability and versatility as a batsman by excelling in T20 cricket, One-Day International cricket, and Test cricket.

MS Dhoni’s capacity to convey under tension, his creative batting method, and his exceptional record of game-dominating innings harden his place as one of the best finishers in cricket history.

9 Tips To Become A Best Finisher 2024 

To become a top finisher in cricket in 2024, consider the following tips:

  • Cultivate Mental Toughness: Stay calm under pressure, visualize success, and practice mindfulness techniques to stay focused during crucial moments.
  • Amazing Batting Methods: Center around timing, situation, and shot choice, and practice various strokes for various match situations.
  • Enhance Fitness Levels: Maintain stamina and agility with regular cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises.
  • Analyze Match Situations: Comprehend run rates, pitch conditions, and rival procedures to foster viable courses of action
  • Simulate Pressure Situations: Practice under focused energy conditions to refine abilities and direction.
  • Develop Strategic Awareness: Study field placements, bowling variations, and match dynamics to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Learn from Role Models: Analyze successful finishers’ techniques, decision-making, and mental approaches.
  • Seek Feedback: Be available for helpful analysis from mentors, partners, and guides to refine your abilities.
  • Adapt and Improve: Consistently adjust your game in view of criticism and encounters to improve as a finisher.
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In conclusion, the world of cricket’s best finishers is a testament to the long-standing legacy of players who have shaped the sport’s history with their extraordinary skills and match-winning performances. From the quiet levelheadedness of MS Dhoni to the dangerous force of Shahid Afridi, every player on this rundown has made a permanent imprint on cricket’s scene.

As we consider the achievements of these fantastic finishers, it becomes obvious that their worth rises above simple measurements. Their capacity to flourish under tension, advance in testing circumstances, and convey when it makes the most significant difference represents the center of cricketing significance.

While discussions might go on over who holds the title of a definitive finisher, one thing stays certain: the effect of these players reaches a long way past the limits of the cricket field. They motivate bright cricketers of all ages to copy their assurance, flexibility, and steadfast obligation to greatness.

The legacy of cricket’s greatest finishers serves future generations, inspiring the way as the game evolves and new talents arise. Their commitments to the game will be honored and respected for quite a long time, guaranteeing their names are everlastingly carved in the chronicles of cricketing history.

FAQs- List of The Best Finisher In Cricket

Has the title of the best finisher changed recently?

Player form and opinions can change over time. It’s recommended to check the latest cricket news and analyses for the most up-to-date information.

Can a bowler be considered a finisher in cricket?

While “finisher” is commonly associated with batsmen, all-rounders like Jacques Kallis, Shakib Al Hasan, and others have played crucial finishing roles with both bat and ball.

Are there emerging talents who could be future finishers in cricket?

Cricket is dynamic, and new talents emerge regularly. Stay updated with cricket news to identify emerging players with finishing capabilities.

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