Which Player Made The First Quadruple In Cricket

Which Player Made The First Quadruple In Cricket

Do you want to know Which Player Made The First Quadruple In Cricket? If yes, This blog provides you with a guide on it.

Cricket is a fantastic sport full of outstanding players and incredible moments. From hitting big scores to catching the ball in unique ways, fans love watching their favorite players shine on the field. One of the most extraordinary things in cricket is when a player scores many runs – like, a lot! It’s called a quadruple century and a massive deal because it’s scarce.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the first cricket player to score quadruple centuries. A story shows how gifted and decided these players can be. Cricket has a long history of extraordinary minutes, and this one stands apart as something fans will always remember.

We’ll inscribe an opportunity to investigate how this amazing accomplishment occurred and how it affected the player and the game. From the beginning of cricket to the enormous matches played today, we’ll uncover the enchanted behind this remarkable accomplishment.

Through stories, analysis, and looking at old cricket records, we’ll show just how special this player was and how they changed the game forever. Cricket is about pushing boundaries and achieving the impossible, and this player did that.

Thus, go along with us as we plunge into the cricket world and praise this incredible moment in sports history. Prepare to be stunned by the account of cricket’s most memorable quadruple-century and the player who got it going. Cricket fans everywhere will be inspired by this tale for generations to come.

What Is Quadruple In Cricket?

In cricket, a quadruple refers to a batsman scoring four significant milestones in a single innings. Specifically, it means scoring a century (100 runs), a double century (200 runs), a triple century (300 runs), and a quadruple century (400 runs or more). For a batter to achieve a quadruple, they need to score at least 400 runs in one inning, which is an extremely rare and remarkable feat. 

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It requires extraordinary skill, consistency and endurance to score so many runs without getting out. Only a handful of elite batters in cricket history have accomplished this monumental batting achievement, including Brian Lara, who scored 400 not out for the West Indies against England in 2004. A quadruple century represents a career-defining accomplishment for a batsman and is considered one of the pinnacles of batting performance in cricket.

Who Is The First Quadruple In Cricket 

A “quadruple” in cricket alludes to a singular batsman scoring at least 400 runs in a solitary innings. There is no “first quadruple” in the feeling of a batting position, yet instead, the principal player to accomplish this accomplishment:

Archie MacLaren
Image source- ESPNcricinfo

Archie MacLaren was the top player to score a quadruple 100 years in cricket. He achieved this fantastic accomplishment in 1895, playing for Lancashire against Somerset in a Province Title match. He scored a stunning 424 runs, which remained the most elevated individual score in top-of-the-line cricket for nearly 25 years.

Full NameArchibald Campbell MacLaren
Date of BirthDecember 1, 1871
Place of BirthWhalley Range, Manchester, England
Batting StyleAggressive, stylish
First-Class Debut1890
Test Debut1894
Test Matches35
Test Runs1,783
Test Batting Average33.27
Test Centuries5
Test Half-Centuries8
Notable InningsScored 140 runs in the 1902 Ashes series against Australia
CaptaincyCaptain of Lancashire and England teams
Leadership QualitiesKnown for tactical acumen and inspiring teammates
ContributionsPromoted the sport, involved in coaching and administration
DeathNovember 17, 1944
LegacyRegarded as one of England’s finest cricketers

It’s important to note that while MacLaren was the first to reach the 400-run mark, other players have since achieved quadruple centuries.

How Many Quadruple-Centuries Are There In Test Cricket?

Here’s the table of quadruple players in cricket, arranged from the lowest to the highest runs scored.

Archie MacLaren424LancashireSomersetTaunton1895
Bill Ponsford429VictoriaTasmaniaMelbourne1923
Bill Ponsford437VictoriaQueenslandMelbourne1927
Bhausaheb Nimbalkar443MaharashtraKathiawarPune1948
Don Bradman452New South WalesQueenslandSydney1930
Hanif Mohammad499KarachiBahawalpurKarachi1959
Aftab Baloch428SindBaluchistanKarachi1974
Graeme Hick405WORCSSomersetTaunton1988
Brian Lara400West IndiesEnglandSt John’s2004
Brian Lara501WarwickshireDurhamBirmingham1994

Ultimate Guide For Quadruple Players In Cricket

Here is an ultimate guide for quadruple players in cricket.

1. Archie MacLaren

Archie MacLaren
Image source- ESPNcricinfo

Archie MacLaren, a talented English cricketer, was praised for his snappy batting and initiative. Addressing Lancashire and Britain during the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, MacLaren’s exquisite strokeplay and strategic insight charmed cricket fans. His game commitments stretched past the field, motivating partners and sustaining youthful ability. The legacy left by MacLaren is still a symbol of cricketing excellence, sportsmanship, and dedication.

2. Bill Ponsford

Bill Ponsford
Image source- Wikipedia

An Australian cricketing peculiarity, Bill Ponsford made a permanent imprint with his strong batting ability. Addressing Victoria and Australia, Ponsford’s strength during the 1920s and 1930s made him one of the period’s best hitters. He set various homegrown and global cricket records, enthralling fans with his productive run-scoring and flawless skill. Cricketers worldwide are inspired by Ponsford’s contributions to the sport, which embody the essence of talent and perseverance.

3. Bhausaheb Nimbalkar

Bhausaheb Nimbalkar
Image source- CricketMash

Bhausaheb Nimbalkar, an Indian cricketing sturdy, scratched his name in history with a memorable quadruple century for Maharashtra in 1948. His sensational innings of 443 not out demonstrate his remarkable batting ability and versatility. Nimbalkar’s accomplishment exhibited the profundity of ability in Indian cricket and remains respected as a milestone crossroads in the game’s experiences. His inheritance is a wellspring of motivation for trying cricketers, encapsulating the soul of assurance and greatness.

4. Don Bradman

Don Bradman
Image source- Wikipedia

Generally hailed as cricket’s most noteworthy batsman, Sir Don Bradman’s heritage rises above the ages. Addressing Australia, Bradman’s unrivaled expertise and consistency put him aside during the 1930s and 1940s. He is a cricketing icon because of his extraordinary batting average and numerous records. Bradman’s effect on the game remains unmatched, rousing players and fans with his remarkable ability and devotion to greatness.

5. Hanif Mohammad

Hanif Mohammad
Image source- Wikipedia

Hanif Mohammad, known as the “Little Expert,” spearheaded Pakistani cricket. Prestigious for his excellent strategy and capacity to bat for extensive stretches, Hanif was vital in molding Pakistan’s cricketing personality. His remarkable innings of 499 runs demonstrate his resilience and skill in a first-class match. Hanif’s heritage as a cricketing legend perseveres, filling in as a signal of motivation for hopeful cricketers and fans.

6. Aftab Baloch

Aftab Baloch
Image source- ESPNcricinfo

Aftab Baloch, a cultivated Pakistani cricketer, exhibited his ability in homegrown cricket during the 1970s. However, not so generally perceived as a portion of his partners, Baloch’s striking exhibitions featured his expertise and commitment to the game. His obligations to Sind Cricket demonstrate his enthusiasm for the game and act as a wake-up call of the different abilities inside Pakistan’s cricket scene.

7. Graeme Hick

Graeme Hick
Image source- Wisden

Graeme Hick, a wealthy English cricketer, procured praise for his productive run-scoring in homegrown cricket. Addressing Worcestershire and Britain, Hick’s effortless strokeplay and consistency spellbound crowds. His game commitments epitomize ability and devotion, rousing ages of cricketers with his striking ability and resolute obligation to greatness.

8. Brian Lara

Brian Lara
Image source- Facebook

With his aggressive style and record-breaking innings, legendary West Indian cricketer Brian Lara redefined batting. Holding the most elevated individual score in Test cricket with 400 not out against Britain, Lara’s splendor spellbound crowds around the world. His noteworthy accomplishments and style for the game cement his status as one of cricket’s most unbelievable players. Lara’s heritage motivates players and fans, representing the soul of development and greatness in cricket.

These players, each by their own doing, have contributed enormously to the rich magnified artwork of cricket history, leaving a getting-through heritage that resounds with fans across the globe.

Who Was The First Player To Achieve A Quadruple Century In India?

The first player to score a quadruple-century in Indian domestic cricket was Bhausaheb Nimbalkar. Here are the key details:

  • Bhausaheb Nimbalkar scored 443 not out playing for Maharashtra against Kathiawar in Pune in 1948.
  • His knock of 443 remains the highest individual score by an Indian player in first-class cricket.
  • Nimbalkar broke the previous Indian record of 441, set by Lala Amarnath in 1938. 
  • His innings included 1 six and 52 fours, and he batted for 9 hours.
  • Maharashtra declared their innings at 702/6 after Nimbalkar’s record-breaking quadruple century.
  • The match against Kathiawar ended in a draw.

So Bhausaheb Nimbalkar was the first Indian cricketer to achieve the milestone of a quadruple century in domestic cricket in 1948 while playing for Maharashtra. 

His 443 not out against Kathiawar was a phenomenal batting effort that stands tall in the record books today as the highest score by an Indian in first-class cricket. Nimbalkar set a new benchmark with India’s first quadruple-century in domestic cricket history.


In summary, the first quadruple century in cricket tells us a lot about the game’s amazing spirit and the incredible skills of its players. Each quadruple-century shows top-notch batting and lasting power from Archie MacLaren’s 424 to Bhausaheb Nimbalkar’s 443. These achievements inspire players and fans everywhere, no matter the time.

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Scoring 400 runs or more in one inning needs serious talent, focus, and determination. It shows how people can achieve incredible things even when faced with tough challenges.

Looking back on these great players, we see how they’ve made cricket special. Their amazing performances keep fans excited and encourage new players to dream big.

The first quadruple centuries are a big part of cricket history. They represent the highest level of individual success and the enduring love for the game. Let’s remember and celebrate the players who made these incredible moments happen. They’ve truly made their mark in cricket forever.

Which Player Made The First Quadruple In Cricket- FAQs

What is the significance of a quadruple-century in cricket?

A batsman’s ability to score exceptionally high runs in a single inning is exemplified by the quadruple century, a rare and remarkable achievement in cricket. It is regarded as one of the most excellent batting performances.

Who has the highest individual test score in cricket?

Brian Lara’s 400 not out for West Indies against England in 2004 remains the highest individual test score ever.

What are some of the key stats of Nimbalkar’s 443 that are not out?

He faced 655 balls and batted for over 9 hours. His innings included 1 six and 52 fours. It broke Lala Amarnath’s previous Indian record of 441.

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